Import a pesticide consignment

Service Time

10 Working days

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Service Description

Through this service, permission is granted to approve the import of pesticide consignments registered in favor of the importer at the Ministry. This consignment is then examined upon arrival in the country at the port of entry and released after ensuring that it complies with all import requirements.

Service Procedures

To apply for a service over any of the service channels, you should register in the digital services system From here

For import Permit:

  1. Create the application electronically
  2. Pay the fees electronically.
  3. Issuing the import permit electronically

For release Permit

  1. Create the application electronically
  2. Pay the fees electronically
  3. Inspect the consignment and conduct a laboratory analysis of the consignment
  4. Issuing release permit electronically

Service Fees

100 AED to Request permission to import the consignment of pesticides or active materials
500 AED to request tخ release permission to import the consignment of pesticides or active materials
1500 AED to Request for analysis or reanalysis of a pesticide sample for each batch

Required Documents

Import Permit:

  • No documents required

Release Permit

  • Copy of the customs declaration
  • Bill of lading (Shipping Policy)
  • Certificate of origin

Terms and Conditions

  1. The pesticide to be imported shall be registered with the importing company at the Ministry.
  2. When the import requirements are Non-compliance, the consignment shall be rejected in accordance with the procedures set forth in the legislation regulating it.
  3. The import permit issued to the establishment may not be disposed of or assigned to third parties.
  4. Pesticides may be imported only from the producing company in the country of origin or from one of its original branches according to the registration certificate.
  5. Anyone wants to import a pesticide, pheromone, attractant or chemical or physical effect contains pesticides shall obtain a prior import permit from the Ministry before the consignment arrives at the ports of the State.
  6. The pesticide consignment shall be released after complying with the chemical specifications of the pesticide with the data of the pesticide registration certificate and the approved label.
  7. The imported pesticide consignment shall be valid and the period between the date of its production and its arrival at the ports of the state shall not exceed 180 days.
  8. The Ministry may cancel the import permit if the pesticide is suspended or canceled.
  9. Samples are taken for each run of the pesticide imported for analysis at the ministry's laboratory according to the sampling system to ensure compliance with the specifications approved with the exception of pheromones and attractive materials with mechanical or physical impact and materials that do not contain pesticide.
  10. The facility license and pesticide registration certificate must be valid for the release of the consignment.
  11. In case of non-compliance with import requirements, a fine of 10 times the import permit fee will be charged.