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Open Data

The Ministry Of Climate Change and Environment adopts the Open Data Policy, which make it easy & accessible to others, to view the Open Data Policy.

About the Information Center

It aims to support the process of planning and development to help the setting of policies and decision making as well.

It is also entrusted with providing information, data, statistics and studies related to environment, plant, animal and fisheries aspects as well as the economical and statistical indicators, so that it will become a reference center for environmental and agricultural knowledge in the UAE. We are Given the importance of information and knowledge , therefore these data are available to the society to benefit from them .

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Document Title Date Posted PDF Excel PPTX
UAE State of Environment Report 2015 06/06/2015 Download(66.66MB)
UAE State of Green Economy Report 2014 26/05/2015 Download(20.7MB)
Summary of the UAE’s latest performance according to the Green Economy Indicators 26/05/2015 Download(522KB)
Indicators Natural Resource Base 26/05/2015 Download(1.07MB) Download(82KB) Download(850KB)
Indicators Material & Non-material Well-being 27/05/2015 Download(1.49MB) Download(145KB) Download(1.5MB)
Indicators Production & Consumption 28/05/2015     Download(9.6MB)
Indicators Social Economic 28/05/2015   Download(209KB)  
Indicators Policies 28/05/2015   Download(54KB) Download(699KB)
Indicators Domestic Water 28/05/2015   Download(15KB)  
Indicators Efficiency 28/05/2015   Download(313KB)  
Indicators MSW 28/05/2015   Download(16KB)  
Indicators Chapter 1 28/05/2015   Download(23KB)  
Indicators Chapter 2 28/05/2015   Download(15KB)  
Environmental awarness & behaviour results 2014 05/10/2015 Download(2.8 MB)    
Envrionmental Awarness & Behaviour Results 2014 05/10/2015     Download(6.9 MB)