About the Ministry

Environmental action has witnessed significant developments at the institutional level over four decades, starting with the Supreme Committee for Environment in 1975, to the Federal Environment Agency in 1993, and then the Ministry of Environment and Water in 2006. These developments reflected, on one hand, the progress of interest in environmental issues, locally and internationally, and on the other hand, the expansion in the perception of the value of environmental element in the overall development in the UAE.

In 2016, the UAE leadership expanded the role of the Ministry of Environment and Water, to manage all aspects related to international and domestic climate change affairs. The establishment of the newly named Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is an important milestone. It enhances the UAE’s efforts to addressing the issue of climate change, through the implementation of comprehensive policies and initiatives to mitigate and adapt to climate change and protect our unique environmental systems.

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment will continue to enhance domestic efforts across all fields relating to its functions, so as to achieve sustainable development and to maintain the UAE’s position as a regional and international leader of action. The Ministry will continue to support partnerships with governments and non-governmental partners. The Ministry shall follow the guiding principle established by our wise leaders and continue to build on the achievements over the previous years.