Research Clusters

Climate Data & Modelling

Focus Area: Local/regional climatic conditions, trends and projections: temperature, precipitation, sea level, sea surface temperature, air quality, ocean acidity and extreme weather events.

Climate Change & Infrastructure

Focus Area: Physical impact of climate change on infrastructure such as buildings, transport links, water supply, sanitation and waste management, and coastal and offshore developments, and related adaptation measures.

Climate Change & Terrestrial, Marine & Freshwater Ecosystems

Focus Area: Impact of climate change on terrestrial, marine, coastal and freshwater ecosystems including biodiversity (species and their habitats), and related adaptation measures, as well as ecosystem services relevant for climate mitigation and adaptation.

Climate Change & Public Health

Focus Area: Direct and indirect impacts of climate change on human health, for instance, health implications of exposure to heat and reduced air quality, and related adaptation measures that need to be adopted.