About the Network

Climate change and its impacts constitute a rapidly growing area of research in the UAE. In order to expand and strengthen this research, the UAE Climate Change Research Network brings together a group of committed climate scientists and researchers to facilitate dissemination of knowledge and advance development of research collaborations. Network members are drawn from government, universities and other research entities.
Climate research is critical to understand short-term and long-term changes in temperature, sea level, precipitation, air quality, extreme weather events and other climate indicators, and to assess the impacts of these changes on environment, economy and society while defining appropriate adaptation measures. With this in view, the Network is geared towards furthering effective data collection and management, and advancing policy-relevant research on climate impacts and adaptation. Aiding the adoption of new research tools and methodologies relevant to the study of the UAE and wider Arabian Gulf region is a priority for the Network.

The Network serves the following objectives:

How We Work
The members of the UAE Climate Change Research Network are organized into Research Clusters.  The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment acts as the Secretariat of the Network and closely works with members on the Network’s activities. The Network’s engagements are led by two Co-Chairpersons who are identified from amongst the members.
CCRN Co-Chairs
CCRN Clustor Leads
CCRN Support Team