Re-export of aquatic organisms products consignment

Service Time

1 working day

Customer Happiness Centers

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Service Description

Through this service, a permit is issued to re-export imported aquatic products (fresh, frozen, dried, smoked or salted) fish, as well as other aquatic products such as crustaceans or molluscs (Valid for 1 month from the permit issuance date)

Service Procedures

To apply for a service over any of the service channels, you should register in the digital services system From here

  1. Fill-out the e-form
  2. Electronic Payment of Fees
  3. Review the application and complete the procedures electronically
  4. Issue electronic re-export permit

Service Fees

300 AED per ton

Required Documents

  • Packing list which lists the type and quantity of aquatic organisms products intended for re-export or the purchase invoice in case the importer and exporter names are not the same
  • Copy of the customs declaration from the customs authority at the port of entry which lists the aquatic organisms products’ type and quantity intended for re-export

For air and marine shipments, the following document is required:

  • Packaging certificate issued from a fish processing factory which lists the consignment information such as aquatic products’ type and quantity

Terms and Conditions

The company must have a valid re-export license to re-export aquatic products.