Import unrestricted fertilizers and agricultural conditioners

Service Time

5 working days

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Service Description

Through this service, approval is obtained to import a consignment of fertilizers or soil conditioners (unrestricted), import authorization is valid for six months from the date of issue, inspection to these consignments will be done upon their arrival at the entry point and are released after ensuring that they comply with the all import requirements

Service Procedures

To apply for a service over any of the service channels, you should register in the digital services system From here

For import permit:

  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. E-payment
  3. Issuing the import permit electronically

To release the consignment:

  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. E-payment
  3. Review the application and complete the procedures electronically
  4. Visually inspect the consignment and take a sample for laboratory analysis
  5. Issuing permission to release the mission electronically

Service Fees

100 AED for issuance of import permit.
200 AED for the release of the consignment
400 AED analysis or reanalysis of a sample of fertilizers or agricultural conditioners for each batch

Required Documents


  • No documents required


  • Invoice or product list
  • Origin certificate
  • Copy of the customs manifest or bill of lading
  • Certificate of analysis for each operation (shipment) issued by the factory or from a governmental laboratory or laboratory accredited by the competent authority in the country of origin proving the conformity of the shipment to the registration certificate
  • A phytosanitary certificate  for organic fertilizers, potting soil, growing media and any fertilizers containing organic materials stating that these fertilizers are free from weed seeds and pest as( fungi, bacteria, insects, nematodes and viruses) issued by competent authority in the country of origin

Terms and Conditions

  1. The importing establishment must have a valid agricultural activity license
  2. The product shall be registered in favor of the establishment at the Ministry
  3. The import permit shall be used only once and shall be valid for six months from the date of issue.
  4. The establishment may import the product / products from any branch of the producing or exporting company mentioned in the product registration certificate