Issuance Release permit for live animals, Birds and Ornamental fish.

Service Code


Service Description

Veterinary inspection, sample collection and quarantine , aiming to release of the consignment

Service Procedures
  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. E Payment
  3. Issuing of release electronic


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Target Audience
Companies Individual
Required Documents
  • An approved original health certificate
  • Certificate of origin
  • Customs declaration and bill of lading
  • Report of excess amd travel line from the ship captain (of live animals coming by sea only)
  • CITES Certificate (of animals and birds under CITES)

Any other documents provided for under governing decisions of certain consignments such as laboratory examination certificates, shall be furnished

Terms and Conditions

If the shipment is incompatible with import conditions referred to in import permit and Veterinary Quarantine Act No. 6 of 1979 referred to in the Ministry's official website, these shipments will be stopped as per quarantine procedures and reshipped, destroyed or confiscated.

In case of importing table eggs:

  • Health certificate indicating production and expiry dates
  • Health certificate indicating that eggs have been produced in farms free from salmonella and bird flu (HPAI)
  • Eggs should be fresh, intact, fit for human consumption, unfertilized, and produced by egg-laying chicken, classified in a farm licensed from exporting country.
  • Eggs should be shipped in clean new boxes on which production and expiry dates, farm name and country of origin are shown.
  • Eggs should have been sterilized or steamed as indicated in Appendix related to OIE with the way of use being indicated.

In case of importing young chicken:

  • Mothers of young chicken should have been arranged or maintained in a country free from bird flu disease as per respective laws.
  • A certificate of an authorized laboratory stating that head of mother herd has been inspected to detect bird flu disease (21) days prior to shipment date with the inspection result being negative.
  • Date and type of vaccination should be mentioned if young chicken have been immunized against bird flu vaccine.
  • For egg-laying herd, young chicken should be fertile and produced from mother chicken free from Marek's Disease.This should be indicated in health certificate.
Used Forms


Service Time

The average time for application submission: 3 minutes, the average time to obtain approval on complete applications that fulfill the terms and conditions: Live animals matching with the terms of the Ministry in 3 days, However the animals that need to quarantine, the quarantain may be more than 14 days, and birds quarantain for 3-day, and the ornamental fish are released in 60 minutes