Issue an agricultural consignment release

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Service Description

To examine the agricultural products (woods/ fruit and vegetable/ cereals/ nuts/ tea ...) not included in Cites Agreement, after being examined by the concerned agricultural quarantine engineer in entrance outlet to assure that the consignment is conformed to the conditions and specifications applicable in the provisions of the Agricultural Quarantine Law No. (5) of the year 1979 to release it.

Service Procedures
  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. E Payment  
  3. Release permit is issued
  4. Visit the port to receive the consignment
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Target Audience
Required Documents
  • A copy of the customs declaration or bill of lading
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Certificate of origin
  • Thermal treatment certificate (for woods)
  • Certificate indicating that the products are free from Pesticide residues  or available within the permitted limits internationally, and as per the resolutions issued by the Ministry  for some of vegtables & fruits (for countries folloing categories)
    Sultanate of Oman: Pumpkin, carrot, chili pepper, eggplant , watermelon, Muskmelon
    Hashemite Kingdom of Jorden: lettuce, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, bell pepper, squash, broad bean, eggplant, Peach 
    Lebanon Republic: grapes, orange, apple
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: parsley
  • Certificate of origin, if the customer is a government authority or Private Sector .• required when importing fruits or seedlings or any parts of the plant tomatoes , eggplant , potatoes, peppers , beans and some herbs family Solanaceae or any other host plants of other countries that recorded the injuries insect dead tomato leaves , as shown in the table below , to be accompanied by a health certificate stating they are free from all stages of the insect dead tomato leaves (Tuta absoluta).

Europe: Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, the Netherlands , Portugal Russia, Britain, Switzerland، Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Cyprus, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Albania, Austria

Croatia, France, Lithuania Serbia

Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti

Asia: Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Kuwait

South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela


Central America: Costa Rica, Panama

Terms and Conditions

Conditions relating to fruits and vegetables:

  • The imported types of vegetables and fruits are not the ones prohibited to enter into the State.

Conditions relating to woods:

  • Woods should be free from bark.
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Service Time

The average time for application submission: 5 minutes, the average time to obtain approval on complete applications that fulfill the terms and conditions: 5 Working Days