Issue a License for Practicing Animal Care Activities

Service Code


Service Description

Through this service a license is obtained for practicing animal activity valid for one year from the date of issue

Service Procedures
  1. Create the application electronically
  2. E- Payment
  3. Review the application and complete the procedures electronically
  4. Inspection of all establishments (Except for trade in products, waste and animal feed)
  5. Issuing the license electronically
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Target Audience
Required Documents
  • Copy of valid trade or industrial license or preliminary approval from the competent authority

For all establishments except those specialized in trade activities, the following additional documents are required:

  • The presence of a veterinarian licensed by the Ministry or a veterinary supervision contract with a government veterinary authority or a veterinary establishment licensed by the Ministry.
  • An environmental permit issued by the competent authority in accordance with the provisions of Federal Law No. 24 of 1999 on the protection and development of the environment
  • Data and documents of technical personnel that will work in the establishment and take into account the necessary licenses

For all establishments except those specialized in trade activities, feed factories and veterinary medicines, the following additional documents are required:

  • A plan approved by the competent authority for the site of the establishment and a detailed breakdown of its various buildings and facilities, including food stores, processing sites, animal isolation and administrative buildings.
  • A document stating the purpose of the establishment of the facility and clarifying the methods, methods and techniques that will be used for breeding animals in the event that this is among the objectives of the establishment of the facility.
  • A list of the types to be acquired in the establishment and the capacity of the center with respect to parents and newborns
  • Documents explaining the disposal methods
  • A document explaining the routine behavior of animals
  • Insurance policy from one of the insurance companies licensed in the State against the dangers of dangerous animals
  • A record showing the animal data (species, breed, sex, color and any other distinctive markings and identification data) and purchase and sale movement data including animal sources and buyers, with copies of the relevant evidence.
  • A detailed drawing showing the location, area and details of the facilities with an indication of the types to be dealt with.
Terms and Conditions

Requirements for accommodation or presence of animals for licensed facilities:

  1. The materials used in the construction of structures, especially barns and cages, as well as equipment that can be touched by animals, shall be harmless
  2. They shall be free from pollution sources, easy to be cleaned and disinfected and tightly sealed
  3. Be suitable for the species, type, age, size and weight of the animal
  4. The facilities shall provide protection against weather fluctuations and stray and loose animals
  5. Have sufficient space and good ventilation
  6. Be designed in such a way as to provide food, water and health care appropriately to the animal, taking into account the conditions of food storage
  7. General safety conditions for humans and animals should be met
  8. Animals that are not raised in buildings shall be protected from fluctuating weather conditions and any hazards to their health, and shall have access to a suitable and well-drained waste disposal site.
  9. Add some effects that create an environmental atmosphere for the animal in proportion to its original environment
  10. A record of births and deaths
  11. A follow-up record of the health status and vaccination of animals within the facility, provided that it is used by the supervising veterinarian
  12. A record of daily activities in the facility including feeding programs, cleaning and disinfection operations and rodent control should be available
  13. Health care plans should be available
  14. Nutrition plans should be available
  15. Contingency plans should be available
Used Forms

Request for Issuance License of Practicing Animal Activity

Service Time

3 Working days