Release of live bees consignment

Service Code


Service Description

To examine an imported life bees consignment by the concerned agricultural quarantine engineer in entrance outlet to assure that the consignment is conformed to the conditions and specifications applicable in the provisions of the Agricultural Quarantine Law No. (5) of the year 1979 to release it.

Service Procedures
  1. Fill out the e-form.
  2. E - Payment
  3. Scrutinize the consignment.  
  4. Release the consignment. 


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Target Audience
Required Documents
  • Bill of lading or statement of incoming goods, or delivery note
  •  List of contents or invoice.
  • Prior license of import, issued from the Ministry, valid
  • An agricultural health certificate, issued from the concerned authority in the export country.
  • Certificate of honeybees producer (stating its free from pests & diseases & type of treatment)
  • certificate of origin
Terms and Conditions

Live bees are not allowed to enter through State borders in the form of packages or stacked bees or queen-bees if it is proved that the bees are infected with one of the following pests and diseases:

  •  Varroa parasite
  •  Acarina parasite
  •  Bee lice
  •  Anosmia disease
  •  Viral paralysis disease
  •  Amoeba
  •  American foul brood
  •  European foul brood
  •  Cretaceous calcification brood
  •  Polycystic brood

And quarantine department re-shipment to the country of origin or destroy the shipment at the expense of the importer and under the supervision of the competent authority, without incurring the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment of any responsibility

Secial conditions regarding the quality of imported bees packages:p

  • Good quality, and new wax tablets
  • Male cells must be on tablets by a small percentage
  • Sealed packages of bees
Used Forms


Service Time

The average time for application submission: 5 minutes, the average time to obtain approval on complete applications that fulfill the terms and conditions:10minutes .