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Issuing of aquaculture license for the individuals/companies/Corporations who want to establish farm for any aquatic organisms, valid for 5 years.

Service Procedures
  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. E- Payment
  3. Issuing the required license


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Target Audience
Companies Individual
Required Documents
  1. A copy of the environmental license issued by the competent authority
  2. A copy of the study of economic and technical feasibility of the project
  3. A copy of the initial approval issued by the concerned local authority concerned
  4. A copy of the decision of the declaration of the Assembly (cooperative societies of fishermen / Cooperative Union of Fishermen's
Terms and Conditions

1.Establishing or investing in commercial living aquatic farms is restricted to the following parties:

  • Citizens
  • Legal entities owned by citizens not less than 51%
  • Cooperative societies of fishermen 
  • Scientific bodies.

2. Disallowing the use of fresh water for breeding aquatic organism unless the applied rule approves  such kind of water firstly for rearing aquatic organism and then for agriculture

3.Disallowing the establishment of aquatic organism firms on beaches, bays, creeks, gulfs and islands where mangrove trees are present.

4.If the rearing method suggests using floating marine cages, the competent authority in coordination with the ministry shall determine number and sizes of such cages.

5.To provide a technical feasibility and Economic Feasibility of the project that shows the production plans, and the maximum capacity of the project, and the technical aspects related to the production and aquaculture.

6.Aquaculture project must abide by the Federal Law No. (24) for the year 1999 for the protection and development of Environment.

7.The Ministry in corporation with the competent authority will consider the applications for obtaining a license for establishing and investing the commercial farms for aquatic organisms.

8.The owner of aquatic organism farm is prohibited to import brood stock or larvae and to rear species thereof different from the species found in the fishing waters of the country unless after obtaining a written license from the Ministry authorizing him to do so. 

9.The license period for establishing and investing commercial aquatic organism farms shall be limited for five years to be renewed as required and after obtaining the necessary approvals and fulfilling the required conditions 

Used Forms

Application for Aquaculture License

Service Time

The average time for application submission: 7 minutes, the average time to obtain approval on complete applications that fulfill the terms and conditions: 7working days .