Transfer Ownership of Species Listed in CITES Appendices

Service Code


Service Description

Through this service, you can transfer the ownership of live animal and plant species and their derivatives that listed in CITES Convention Appendices from a customer to another via the electronic system

Service Procedures
  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. Review the application and complete the procedures electronically
  3. Transfer the species or specimen from customer account to another account electronically.
Note: to start applying on the service, please register and signup to have your personal user name in the system
Target Audience
Individual Companies
Required Documents
  • None
Terms and Conditions
  1. The transferred species or specimen must be registered in the owner's account.
  2. The new owner must have an account in the electronic system of the Ministry.
Used Forms

Request for Transfer species ownership listed in CITES Appendices

Service Time

1 Working day