The Hatta Mountain Conservation Area is home to the largest population of the endangered Arabian Tahr in the UAE. The mountains provide refuge to many species of rare fauna and flora, situated close to  two dams . 
The area is an ideal spot for mountain bikers, adventurers and nature-lovers with its craggy mountain peaks, crisp air and untamed environment. From criss-crossing the rough terrain on a mountain bike to tackling the turquoise waters by kayak, or simply exploring the cultural town by foot, there’s much to do just an hour away from central Dubai. 
Trek along the winding wadis at the foothills of the mountains near the border with Oman and experience the varied terrain from sandy patches to sharp rock, or hop on a mountain bike to navigate the meandering pathways of hills, wadis, and farmland. Multiple trails with clear markers serve as useful guides for beginners and advanced level riders. 
A popular spot behind the Hatta Dam is where you’ll come across rough rock, stunning vantage points to take photographs and wildlife sightings. 
Kayak through the vast Hatta lake and encounter natural inhabitants including fish and birds. You can venture into unseen areas through the curved passageways hidden behind the mountains. Kayaks and paddle boats are available for rent at the kiosk in the reservoir. 

Mountain biking, hiking, landscape photography and kayak tours
Round the year
Open seven days a week
Security clearance is required to enter the reserve however, areas around the dams are open to the public
Hamad Hashim ALBedwawi: Principal Protected Area Ranger +971 4 606 6819