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The "School Gardening Competition" aims to instill and strengthen the culture of agriculture and food production in students and contribute to the creation of a conscious generation who will play an active role in the sustainable development of agriculture in the UAE. The competition will witness the participation of 28 schools nationwide, where students and faculty members will plant spherical gardens and allocate areas for agriculture. Through this activity, students will identify the most important crops that can be cultivated, learn methods of modern and innovative agriculture and take part in producing crops they can benefit from.
  • Achieving food diversity and security is a strategic objective for the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (Promoting Food Diversity and Sustainability)
  • The Initiative supports the Ministry's efforts in achieving the objectives of the National Plan for Education and Awareness
  • The initiative is in line with the fourth pillar of the UAE Vision 2021: 'Emiratis will enjoy the highest living standards, long and healthy lives, first-rate education and well-rounded lifestyles guaranteed by excellent public services and recreational activities, within a safe and rich natural and social environment."
  • The Initiative contributes to boosting efforts to achieve the second goal of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 for total elimination of hunger, ensure food security, improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

The competition aims to raise awareness among school students in the UAE on the importance of community farming In particular

ثمن العاج يعادل ثمن حياة الفيل

Promote a culture of food sustainability and security among UAE community members on the long term

Boost focus on sustainability by increasing vegetation and green environment areas in the country

Show proper farming methods and suitable crops for cultivation In the local environment

  • Rationalizing water consumption in agriculture using modern irrigation methods
  • The cultivated area of the total area available in the school
  • Quantity and types of crops produced
  • Crop must be free of agricultural pests
  • Farming to be organic
  • Promote the culture of innovation in agricultural production through innovative means of community farming
  • Mechanism of dealing with crops produced (example, how produced crops are utilized) Q
  • The school's educational plan
  • Comprehensiveness of the competition (participation of faculty and students)
Name of School : Masafi for Primary Education
Experiment : Productive Garden
In a positive and purposful initiative, the Parents' Council cooperated with the Masafi School for Primary and Secondary Education in Ras Al Khaimah Educational Zone, in establishing a productive agricultural garden within the school walls under the slogan 'Work is a National Duty'. They developed a garden equipped with various seedlings, flowers and trees in order to create an entertaining and practical atmosphere within the school walls.
Agricultural Engineer Rashid Saleh AI-Mehrazi, Chairman of the Parents Council and supervisor of the establishment of the productive garden, said: Environmental education and school health have an active role in the health and safety of our students. We created the school garden project to provide environmentally healthy surroundings for students, and contribute to the removal of the boredom factor from the classroom. It is also an agricultural garden with a variety of ornamental trees, perennial trees, and leaf plants and fruit trees which promote the agricultural engineering culture among students, and to develop the school's facilities by creating recreational venues for students.
The productive garden consists of three sections::

First Section:
The first section includes ornamental plants, a waterfall and a tent designed to accommodate students and give classes in the school's outdoors.
Second Section:
The second section Includes a green house containing vegetable plants such as cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage, eggplant, and many others. The pyramid farming system is applied to increase the volume of agricultural production in this limited area..
Third Section:
The third section of the project is a mini plantation of perennial trees such as palm, mango, lemon, guava and olive, in addition to small and large basins for leafy plants such as lettuce, coriander, onion and mint, which have now reached the marketing stage.
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