National Environment Day

About UAE National Environment Day

Considering the growing attention and commitment of the United Arab Emirates to steadfast the efforts in the field of conservation and development of the environment, the UAE Cabinet issued the resolution No. (107/3) for the year 1997 on dedicating 4th February of every year to celebrate the National Environment Day of the UAE. This date marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Federal Environment Agency, as the first integrated government agency to handle environmental issues at the federal level (the agency was abolished in 2009 and moved its functions to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment as the concerned environmental authority in the United Arab Emirates).

  • Surge in income levels & the economic boom
  • Population growth and urbanization
  • Technological development
  • Awareness & behaviour
  • The development in methods of advertising and promotion
  • Open trade &


High waste production
Draining & polluting water resources
Irrational production and consumption of resources are among the main reasons behind environmental degradation in today's world
Forest degradation, threatening biodiversity and the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on it
Increased levels of Air Pollution
Increased rate in carbon emissions

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