Release Permit for Pets (Cats/Dogs)

Service Code


Service Description

To inspect the imported pet animals (dogs / cats) coming to the country to ensure that they fulfil the import conditions and specifications relating to release.

Service Procedures
  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. E Payment
  3. Issuing the release permit electronic


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Target Audience
Companies Individual
Required Documents
  • Original book of vaccinations
  • Original import permit or Re-Entry card for pets
  • Original authenticated health certificate from an official, approved body
  • Customs declaration or bill of lading
  • Original report for blood test for Rabies  (from requested countries according to governing decision).
Terms and Conditions
  • Issuance of Import permit prior to importation, issued through the MOCCAE web site (validity of permit is 30 days. It is not allowed to import pets with an expired import permit).
  • Cats and dogs will shipped in the luggage compartment rather than with the  passengers and  according to IATA conditions for pet animal transport.
  • The cats and dogs must be identified with a permanent microchip , and  the chip number in the health certificate must conform with the chip No. which the animal bears.
  • The imported cats and dogs shall be accompanied with the following:
    -Authorized health certificate issued from the competent veterinary authorities in line with model of health certificate.
    - Vaccination document or passport which must include the animal microchip number , animal full description ( species – colour – sex – date of birth – any  other distinguished marks  ) and fully meet  all vaccinations in annex number (4)herein ,  and including vaccine name , manufacturing company , batch number , vaccination date , vaccine labels and any treatments given to the animal.
    - In case of import from a high risk Country,  Testing certificate from  a laboratory  approved by the competent authorities in the exporting country  done during a minimum period of 12 weeks and not more  than 12 months  prior to shipment date  showing that the animals have been subject to ( Antibody Titration Test) for rabies after a period not less than 21 days following the last date of basic ( Initial) vaccination or that was after a booster dose in a previous  valid vaccination period with a minimum level of ( IU/ml 0.5)  . This certificate can be substituted by recording the test result in the health certificate in paragraph 4-a of this article. .
  •  The minimum age of an imported animal from the low risk countries will be 15 weeks in a condition that his age not less than 12 weeks when vaccinated and in accordance to the manufacturing company and minimum age of 27 weeks from the high risk countries.
  •  Consignments of cats and dogs will be shipped directly from the exporting country and in case that the consignment will cross any other country , it must not mix with other pet animals during  transit and that will be attested in the annex of the health certificate
  • In case an animal arrives from a high risk Country through a low risk Country of rabies , it must stay a minimum period of  6 months in the import country or undergoes the antibody Titration test for Rabies after a minimum period of 21 days following the last date of basic (initial) vaccination or was vaccinated during a pervious valid vaccine period  with a minimum level of ( IU/ml 0.5) .
  • Cats and dogs must be transported in clean boxes or cages.
  • Animal welfare Legislation and standards must be considered
Used Forms


Service Time

The average time for application submission:5minutes, the average time to obtain approval on complete applications that fulfill the terms and conditions:15minutes .