Renew a License for Practicing Veterinary Medicine and Supporting Professions

Service Code


Service Description

Through this service, the license for practicing the profession is renewed for veterinarians and veterinary professions in the country for one year, including (veterinarian / veterinarian assistant / Veterinary nurse / laboratory technician)

Service Procedures
  1. Create the application electronically
  2. Paying the prescribed fees
  3. Review the application and complete the procedures electronically
  4. Issuing the license electronically
Note: to start applying on the service, please register and signup to have your personal user name in the system
Target Audience
Required Documents
  • A copy of the passport with valid residence for the same establishment in case of expiry of the previous residence
Terms and Conditions
  1. Continued commitment of the veterinarian and assistant professionals to the terms and conditions contained in the service card for the issuance of a license to practice the profession for veterinarians and assistant professionals
Used Forms

Issuance License of Practicing the Profession for Veterinarians and for the Assisting vet (New/Renewal)

Service Time

The average time for application submission: 5 minutes, the average time to obtain approval on complete applications that fulfill the terms and conditions: 3 working days