Issue ِAccreditation for a Slaughterhouse Outside the UAE

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Service Description

Through this service, slaughterhouses outside UAE are approved for slaughtering animals and poultry after ensuring their applying with food safety systems and legislations based on the risk analysis approved by UAE. This includes meat shredding and storage facilities in order to allow the export of animal meat and poultry meat slaughtered to UAE (valid for one year starting from the issuing date)

Service Procedures
  1. Create the application electronically
  2. E- Payment 
  3. Evaluating the application and complete the procedures electronically
  4. Carrying out evaluation visit with coordination of competent authority (if required)
  5. Issuing the slaughterhouse accreditation certificate electronically
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Target Audience
Required Documents
  • Certificate of registration / license of the slaughterhouse issued by the relevant veterinary and / or food control authorities in the country of origin
  • Valid Certificate of application of food safety management system & quality management system issued by nationally accredited institution in the country of origin
  • Certificate of registration / license/ accreditation/ recognition of the Certification body of food safety management system & quality management system Certificates by the relevant authorities in the country of origin or in the UAE (only)
Terms and Conditions

For slaughterhouse accreditation outside United Arab Emirates (UAE), must comply with the last updated version of the Technical Regulations, standards and hygienic practices for exporting meats to the UAE per the following:

General Technical Regulations and hygienic practice for:

  1. Code of Hygienic Practice for Preparation, Transportation, Handling and Storing of Fresh Meat (UAE.S GSO 815)
  2. Code of hygienic practice for meat (UAE.S/GSO CAC RCP 58)
  3. General Principles of Food Hygiene (UAE.S GSO 1694)
  4. Hygienic Regulations for Food Plants and their Personnel (UAE.S GSO 21)

Specific Technical Regulations and hygienic practice for:

In Cows, Buffalo, sheep and goats’ slaughterhouse: 

  1. Beef, Buffalo, Mutton and Goat fresh meat (UAE.S GSO 996)
  2. Beef, Buffalo, Mutton and Goat frozen meat (UAE.S GSO 997)

In Poultry slaughterhouse:

  1. Hygienic Regulations for Poultry Processing abattoirs and their Personnel (UAE.S GSO 713)
  2. Frozen Poultry (UAE.S GSO 986)
  3. Chilled Poultry (UAE.S GSO 322)


  1. The Technical Regulations and  standards can be obtained through
  2. Slaughterhouse applied for accreditation should not be located in a banned district or country
  3. The approved slaughterhouse must committed to the approved health certificate form for the export of meat and meat products to the UAE
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Service Time

90 Working days