Issuance animal production farm license

Service Code


Service Description

The Farm license for animal productivity (poultry for meat and egg - cattle - Camel- sheep& goat) is valid for one year, which is renewable

Service Procedures
  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. Issuing of electronic  license


Note: to start applying on the service, please register and signup to have your personal user name in the system
Target Audience
Required Documents

To issue initial approval:

  • A copy of the identity card (for individuals)
  • A copy of the commercial brand name (for companies)
  • A copy of the site lease contract or proof of ownership
  • Environment evaluation(Environmental Clearance)

To issue the license:

  • A copy of the identity card (for individuals)
  • Valid Trade license
  • Image site plan and installations establsihed thereon
Terms and Conditions

It is necessary to provide a veterinary licensed by the Ministry for the following activities:

  • Animal farms, provided that the required experience shall  not be less than 5 years
Used Forms

Request the issuance of a license Animal Production Farm

Service Time

The average time for application submission: 5 minutes, the average time to obtain approval on complete applications that fulfill the terms and conditions: 3 working days