Issue a CITES Certificate for Import

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This service enables individuals and companies to apply for the import certificate for live animal and plant species and their derivatives that listed in CITES convention appendices. The validity of certificate is one year from the date of issuance, then check on the consignment when it arrives in the country at the port of entry and release it after ensuring that it complies with all import requirements

Service Procedures

To issue import CITES certificate:

  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. E - payment
  3.  Review the application and complete the procedures electronically
  4. Issuing the Electronic Import CITES Certificate

To release the consignment:

  1. Fill out the e-form
  2. E - Payment
  3. Review the application and complete the procedures electronically
  4. Virtual examination and laboratory testing (if necessary)
  5. Issuing the electronic release certificate.
Note: to start applying on the service, please register and signup to have your personal user name in the system
Target Audience
Individual Companies
Required Documents

Species listed in Appendix I

  • A preliminary approval letter OR CITES certificate of Export or Re-Export OR letter from a breeding center in the exporting (or origin) country including the identification marks such as Ring number OR microchip number. (Not mandatory)

Species listed in Appendix II/III

  • CITES Export or Re-Export certificate from the exporting country.
  • In the case of importing plants listed in Appendix II and industrially produced from countries certified by CITES, a copy of the phytosanitary certificate shall be attached indicating that the species is included in the CITES appendix as an alternative certificate for CITES certification.

Treated Animal Wastes

  • CITES export or re-export certificate from the exporting country.
  • A certificate stating that the consignment has been treated in one of the ways recommended in the OIE to eliminate pathogens.

In case of import to participate in exhibitions and circus

  • No objection certificate from the sponsor or organization.
  • CITES export or re-export certificates from the exporting country, indicating the identification mark.
  • Approval of the competent authority to organize exhibitions for live animals.
Terms and Conditions

The customer shall comply with the provisions of Law No. 11 of 2002 on the regulation of international trade in Endangered species of Fauna and Flora.

  1. CITES Certificate includes a maximum four species only.
  2. Certificates are issued for one shipment only.
  3. Ensure that the exporting country does not have a trade ban on the CITES website to import caviar listed on the CITES Appendix, a caviar universal labelling system must be attached.
  4. In case of import from Appendix I for commercial purposes, the breeding center must be registered in CITES website.
  5. In case of import from a non-CITES party, a permit or certificate shall be attached from the competent authorities listed in the CITES website.
  6. The provisions of quarantine shall be applied on all shipments.
  7. All consignments shall be entered through the approved border ports in the UAE. and must be obtained electronic the release certificate for the veterinary and agricultural consignments
Used Forms

Issue a CITES Import Certificate

Service Time

2 Working days