Cancellation of species ownership listed in CITES Appendices

Service Code


Service Description

The service aims to regulate the trade in live animal species listed under CITES within the UAE, enhancing the procedures related to legal ownership of living animal species listed under CITES through cancellation of the ownership of the animal species listed under CITES for customers for reasons such as transfer of the species to outside the UAE or death of the animal.

CITES User Manual

Service Procedures
  1. The application for cancellation of ownership shall be submitted by the client  

  2. The system will transfer the cancellation request to the customer service to approve the cancellation of ownership of the specimen in the customer's balance

  3. The system adjusts the customer's balance by cancelling the specimen from the customer's balance after the approval  of the application customer service


Note: to start applying on the service, please register and signup to have your personal user name in the system
Target Audience
Individual Companies
Required Documents


Terms and Conditions
  • Ownership certificate for the species listed on CITES supplements is canceled in the following cases:
    • Death of the sample
    • Destruction of the sample
  • The client must have an account in MoCCaE electronic system
  • Linking the UAE ID card number to the customer with his account number at the Ministry. The account of the customer shall include his balance of the specimens registered in his name
Used Forms

Certificate of Cancellation of species ownership listed in CITES Appendices

Service Time

The average time for application submission: 3 minutes, the average time to obtain approval on complete applications that fulfil the terms and conditions: 15 minutes.