Approved of Phermions, Attracting materials, Extruding materials, Additives and Materials with mechanical or physical in pest control

Service Code


Service Description

Through this service, Phermions, attractants, nuisances, additives and materials with mechanical or physical effect (not contains pesticides) are adopted in the pest control will be Approved for the purpose of importing and trading within U.A.E. These materials are certified once time for the same product and for the same company.

Service Procedures
  1. Apply the request
  2. Pay the fees.
  3. Review the application and complete the procedures
  4. Approval of  the product and issue a certification.
Note: to start applying on the service, please register and signup to have your personal user name in the system
Target Audience
Required Documents
  • Authorization letter from the producing company stating no objection to trade the product in UAE
  • Certificate of composition of the material including active substances and their percentages of other inert substances from a governmental laboratory or from a laboratory accredited by Good Laboratory Standards (GLP).
  • A technical datasheet issued by the producing company showing the composition of the material, its specifications, the method of uses and the pests.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Pheromones, attractants, traceants, additives and materials with mechanical or physical effect shall be subject to the registration requirements of pesticides if they contain a pesticide
  2. The company must be licensed of agricultural activity by ministry active licensed 
Used Forms

Request for Approval of Pheromones, Attractants , Repellents , Additives (Adjuvants) and Materials with Mechanical or Physical Effects for Pest Control

Service Time

The average time for application submission: 10 minutes, the average time to obtain approval on complete applications that fulfil the terms and conditions: 1 working day.