Issue a Registration Certificate for a Veterinary Product

Service Code


Service Description

Through this service, approved the registration of veterinary products through a licensed warehouse to allow its importation and circulation within the country after auditing the documents required by the Veterinary Products Registration Committee to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions

Service Procedures
  1. Submit the application
  2. Pay the prescribed financial fee for the application
  3. Study and review the documents
  4. Pay the prescribed financial fee for the registration
  5. Issuing  the certificate
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Target Audience
Required Documents
  • Certificate of CPP or valid free sale certificate in the country of origin issued by the responsible and duly authorized authorities, stating the following:
  1. Name and address of the manufacturer.
  2. Number and date of registration of the veterinary product in the country of origin.
  3. Details of the veterinary product indicating that the drug or product to be registered in the UAE is identical to the name, composition and specifications of the marketed product in the country of origin.
  4. If the trade name of the product to be registered is different from its trade name in the country of origin, it should be mentioned with reasons, provided that the certificate includes both names and that the composition and other specifications of the two names are identical.
  5. Active and non-effective materials with their quantities.
  6. The date of commencement of marketing in the country of origin.
  7. The shelf life of the medicine and storage conditions.
  8. Withdrawal period if available
  • label / insert leaflet of the product in Arabic or English, should mention in the label for veterinary use only.
  • Certificate of analysis and specifications of the preparation of the manufacturer.
  • Certificate of analysis from the accredited authority in the United Arab Emirates (Ministry of Health & Prevention), & the products used for horses need to submit extra sample for Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) test
  • Certificate duly certified showing the prices of the preparation as follows:
  1. Factory price in country of origin.
  2. Wholesale price in the country of origin.
  3. Selling price to the public in the country of origin.
  4. CIF prices continued to UAE ports
  • Stability studies.
  • Specifications of raw materials
  • Manufacturing process and control during manufacturing.
  • Method of analysis.
  • Specifications of the final product.
  • Specifications of packing materials.
  • Studying bioequivalence (where required) in case the product is of similar species.
  • Safety study and efficiency study in the case of veterinary vaccines

Pre-registered veterinary products:
Terms and Conditions
  • For the imported product:
  1. The applicant must be a licensed veterinary warehouse from the Ministry or a local veterinary product factory
  2. The manufacturer of the veterinary product shall be registered in the Ministry
  • For the locally manufactured product:
  1. The veterinary factory shall be licensed by the Ministry
Used Forms

Issuing a veterinary registration Certificate

Service Time

80 Working days