Wadi Wurayah National Park


With its extraordinary range of topographical variation, the 220 square kilometer reserve hosts about 860 species that comprise 208 plant varieties alone, including the UAE’s only native orchid, epipactis veratrifolia.
The country’s first protected mountain area and first national parkis home to the rare Blandford fox, Gordon’s wildcat, hedgehogs, Caracal, Notably, Wadi Wurayah is one of the three conservation areas in the United Arab Emirates that is home to the Arabian tahr, a mountain goat native to this region. 
The park is also an ornithologists dream, with  94 endangered bird species recorded within the area. Recent wildlife surveys show that 24 of the 30 known dragonflies worldwide can be found at the Wadi Wurayah National Park.
A coastal road takes you to the national park through the splendid surroundings of seaside and mountain views. It’s beautiful waterfalls and unusual wildlife make it a popular day out for conservationists and tourists.

Education programs with schools and universities, Community outreach and awareness programs
October to April
Sundays-Thursdays: 8:00am to 04:30pm
Entry by permissible through permit only
Phone: +971 9 222 7000, Email: wwnp@fujmun.gov.ae