Wadi Shees


Lying close to the country’s east coast, Wadi Shees (also spelled Shis in English), encompasses the village of Shees. The settlement has the unique reference of falling within a counter-enclave. This means that it sits in a region that belongs to Sharjah, that lies within an exclave of Oman. Correspondingly the Omani exclave resides in the United Arab Emirates.


This hidden nature spot and the surrounding Hajar Mountain terrain is subsequently an area of natural beauty. In this regard, the valley represented by narrow mountain tracks – best tackled by 4 x4 vehicles – rocky outcrops, traditional settlements, farmland and date palm plantations; offers rewarding opportunities for experiencing striking natural scenery, hiking and camping.

Nature site.
A 4x4 car is recommended. Wadi Shees is approximately 22 km south-west of Khor Fakkan, via Rugaylat Road – E99. Drive through the Omani territory of Madha, and through Nahwa which belongs to Sharjah.
Accessible all year round.
A Sharjah Cooperative Society store is nearby in the village of Shees.
Appropriate outdoors clothing and footwear. Hiking and camping equipment. A GPS unit for monitoring location in the wadis. Taking water and food is also recommended.
Experiencing nature, hiking and camping.
October to April.
There is no entry fee to Wadi Shees.
Enquiries on Wadi Shees can be made by contacting Khor Fakkan Municipality on +971 9 208 3555.