Wadi Ghalilah


Wadi Ghalilah is an area of natural beauty recognised for its dam and its mountain trails. One such mountain climb is famously known as ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ The stairway in this regard represents an old shepherd mountain route and series of stone walkways ascending somewhere approaching 2,000 metres to the summit of Jebal Jais.

This journey to the top is accompanied by spectacular panoramas of the Hajar Mountains, farmland and the valley beneath. Being agricultural land, it is known for its wheat and honey production and further characterised by old farmhouses above the valley.

Stairway to Heaven, though a rewarding climb, is also considered a difficult route that requires caution, a good level of fitness and being with experienced climbers. The hike to the top and the descent can take up most of the day.

Nature site.
Ras Al Khaimah.
Ras Al Khaimah.
Heading in a northerly then easterly direction from Ras Al Khaimah, take the Manama – Ras Al Khaimah Road – E18 / E11, taking right after Ras Al Khaimah Cement Company on the approach to Ghalilah.
Access is available all year round.
There are a few small shops and food and beverage outlets in and round Ghalilah.
Appropriate outdoors clothing and footwear. Hiking and camping equipment. A GPS unit for monitoring location in the wadis. Taking water and food is also recommended.
Hiking, camping, experiencing nature.
October to April, however caution has to be taken during winter rains.
There are no charges associated with visiting Wadi Ghalilah.
Enquiries by telephone can be made to Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority on +971 7 233 9900. Email contact can be made through info@raktda.com