Complementing the repertoire of attractions that draw tourists from all over the world to Dubai, the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve will soon provide another compelling reason to visit the Emirate. Currently under development, this reserve has been envisioned as the largest tourism project of its kind in the Arab world focusing on the desert environment. It is also the first unfenced desert conservation reserve in the UAE.
Spanning 23 per cent of Dubai’s total area, the reserve will feature more than 40 hectares of shrub land, 204 species of native birds, 158 species of migratory birds, and 10 kilometers of lakes encompassing the Al Qudra Lakes.
Any time,  visit the area to indulge in some wild animal spotting, such as Arabian Oryx, Arabian gazelles, sand Gazelles, foxes, and wild cats. You may even encounter, coursers and the large chlamydotis in the vicinity. 
The reserve isn’t just about nature.  The new project will include 10 animal and bird observation platforms, star and sunset observations decks, areas for practicing yoga, an outdoor theatre and will be powered by a 5,000 megawatt solar plant.
Al Marmoom is a desert reserve worth adding to your bucket list of places to visit.

Camel ride, spotting Arabian Oryx and wild animals, bird watching. Also, the Saruq Al Hadid archaeological site, which dates back more than 3,000 years to the Iron Age, can be found at the reserve
October to March
Open seven days a week
Currently not available
Juma Al Omairi: Wildife Officer +971(4) 606 6819