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1 Emirates News 30 April 2015 Interview with Eng. Mariam Hareb "Ivory Crush" View View Content

10 tons the legal ivory ground up and then mix with sludge to prevent it from ever entering the market local authorities today show the serious about stopping the poaching and ivory trafficking trade that’s thought to kill around 25$ to 50$ thousand elephants for the tasks each year this is a clear message we are showing today and destroying the ivory we’ve collected in the past years with ira other local authorities diplomacy polity Dubai customs Dubai airports so they’ve helped very much in collecting this ivory and were crushing it today a showing the words that’s the UAE is not going to tolerate and the wildlife trade every 15 minutes an elephant gets killed birds ivory so I think this is a shocking enough for sadistic if we keep going in the straits I think by 2020 mellow no there would be no elephants left the

UAE is not a major distination for smuggled ivory about is a key location for the trade due to its extensive air and sea trade with Africa Asia and the Middle East most to the illegal ivory comes from Africa and is destined for China and other Asian markets at local authorities a getting better discovering it now that the local authorities no more and more about ivory they’ve been able to catch it a three years back people were not educated they didn’t know about it with we don’t actually have the elephants here so it was unknown and but now people are more aware they know what’s going on and they can identify

But a kilo of ivory still sells for more than two thousand dollars on the wholesale market in place like China which is hard for pooches and traffickers to resist so what’s the key to stopping the trade completely

If there is no demand there will be an abortion so that the demand reduction is one of the important issue and we have this work in our office in China our office citizen is working in demand reduction as to make awareness campaign informing public that I re we need them on the indictment he would needlessly the extinction of elephants the ivory come from the kill elephant the other point is protecting the elephant in its natural habitat and prevent the watching from reaching the elephants so this is the second the third is preventing the trafficking

It said estimated that around 200 elephants would have been killed to produce 10 tons ivory its being crushed today it’s the first time in the middle east such a big shipment ivory is being removed from the market like this and is hope that eventually the world will see that alive elephant is far more available piece pieces of ivory


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2 Emirates News 29 April 2015 Interview with Eng. Mariam Hareb "Strategy set for implementation from 2015 to 2021" View View Content

The ministry of Environment and Water had lunched the national strategy on environment education and awareness this initiative to raise the level of environmental awareness in the UAE

The director of environmental education and awareness at the Ministry of Environment and Water Eng. Mariam Saeed Harib

This strategy to raise the level of environmental awareness in the UAE how would you describe the current level of awareness in the country?

Currently the level of environment awareness of course the band different aspects of the environment so water waste, Biodiversity climate change air quality we just a little bit over the sixty percent mark which is a medium level of awareness for the UAE bearing in the mind the UAE is the unique country and that there’s a large flocks to record and coming in from different parts of the world mostly coming from East Asia and far East Asia also these people have different levels of education and awareness which also influence indicator

Tell us about the strategy to raise awareness and what exactly it entails?

This strategy competent main objectives one of them targets being used and driving the youth into a future of sustainability the second one is improving the community’s commitment towards sustainability and environmental effort the third one is basically encouraging the businesses and industries towards sustainable practices then also the fourth objective is engaging the stockholders of government to actually have towards environmental sustainability the fifth and sixth objectives are more the enablers of the first four objective being to ensure the alignment and efforts of environmental awareness and then the sixth one is of course building the capacity and the capabilities of environmental education in the country

So it is six prong strategy how will it be implemented and how they measure?

What we’ve done is we’ve done the baseline survey for the end of the 2014 was the baseline of the strategies so we know where we are now the strategy and compasses about 36 indicators which move monitoring regularly and the survey is basically the outcomes of it are nearly all the indicators which will then give us monitoring device to be able to use this strategy moving in the right direction the experts in the country are there that just scattered and we want to align them and make sure they’re more impactful

So presumably there are milestones that you anticipate reaching out there and we’ve basically that implementation plans for a 2015 up to 2021 also this is an alignment with the national agenda reaching the UAE vision supporting them and making sure that the efforts and the country are lines and taking in the same direction now

As you are well aware of their various aspects to ecological awareness what is the what you doing well at right now and what dose it really need to work on?

the different local emirates are all doing efforts in the environment that there are scattered efforts but we need to as the Ministry of Environment and Water line effort and give them a direction to drive them to be sustainability which is our mission and vision and basically it’s there there are clean up there are then we just had Earth Hour that was a big event of the UAE so there are efforts in the country but we need to make sure they are aligned to the impact is a stronger word and then the vision and the indicators that we want to reach our reached