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H.E. Bin Fahad issues new ministerial decree on using banned and restricted-use pesticides in UAE

H.E. Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water, has issued Ministerial Decree No. (30) of 2016 amending Ministerial Decree No. (771) of 2014 on banned and restricted-use pesticides in the UAE. The new decree regulates the distribution and use of banned and restricted-use pesticides in the state due to their harmful effects on individual health and safety.

The decree prevents individuals, companies and public and private institutions from producing, manufacturing, formulating, processing, importing, using or distributing any kind of banned and restricted-use pesticide in the UAE. Restricted-use pesticides must be registered first in accordance with their specific use and must not be utilized for other purposes.  All companies and organizations with Certificates of Registration are mandated to make the necessary adjustments in accordance with the new decree within three months from the date of issuance.

The Ministry of Environment and Water has emphasized that concerned individuals and businesses should adhere and commit to the requirements and regulations included in the online directory of registered pesticides in the UAE. The directory provides all essential information to the public to ensure that the pesticides have been registered by authorized local companies as well as reduce the illegal trade of unregistered chemicals.  

The directory includes a list of pesticides that are harmful to public health and imported insecticides registered by companies operating in the UAE. It also provides information about the manufacturers, classification of their products (restricted or unrestricted use), expiry date of the Ministry-issued Certificate of Registration, and product size and type. The Ministry warned all companies and suppliers against violating the regulations, saying that violators will face sanctions stated in Federal Law No. (41) of 1992. The Ministry also commended relevant local authorities for strictly monitoring the use of pesticides in the country. 

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