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Laws & Legislations

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No. Year Category Title Size Download
5002014FisheriesMinisterial Decree No. 500 for the Year 2014 On Regulating the Fishing and Trading of Sharks 222KBDownload
3032011Animal WealthLifting the ban of import of all living animals, their meat, product and offal from the Arab Republic of Egypt 122KBDownload
2162011FisheriesProcedures organizing shark fishing65KBDownload
3252011Animal WealthProhibition and regulating the import of vegetables from some of the European Union Countries27KBDownload
8492010EnvironmentalMinisterial Decree No. (849) for the year 2010 amending the ministerial decree number (554) for the year 2009 regarding banned and restricted use pesticides in uae 68KBDownload
4482009Animal WealthLift the ban for importing all kinds of living domestic and wild birds, ornamental birds, their products and their offal from the countries of North America, South America and Europe10KBDownload
4882009Animal WealthLift the ban on all kinds of living birds and their products from the Republic of South Africa9KBDownload
4912008Animal WealthBan importing all kinds of tamed, wild and ornamental living birds, their products and offal from Oxford Shire District in the United Kingdom 9KBDownload
62007Animal WealthBan the importation of all hoofed animals their products and their offal from Kenya, Somalia and thiopia 10KBDownload
492007Animal WealthBan importation of all kinds of living birds, tamed, wild and ornamental birds, their products and their offal from the Republic of Hungary11KBDownload