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Does Red tide change the color of sea water?

Yes, however, red tides are not always red. They can appear greenish, brownish, and even purple in color. The water can also remain its normal color during a bloom. The color of the red tide depends on the phytoplankton species and its pigment.

Does Red tide have impact on fish farms?

Yes, it has an impact on fishes which are cultured in floating cage nets due to depletion of dissolved oxygen in water and it leads to suffocation and death. Fishes cultured in land ponds on which gets water from sea will not be affected due to the availability of sufficient quantities of dissolved oxygen since it gets water through air pumps.

What are the efforts by the ministry of environment and water to monitor toxicities in marine organisms?

A dedicated team of technicians and specialists in Marine Environment Research Department conduct regular monitoring program for collecting samples of sea water, red tide, dead fishes and other marine organisms along the UAE coasts. Collecting of samples include the Eastern Coast starting from Kalba till Dibba Al Hussin and the Northern Coast beginning from Ras AlKhaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai. The survey aims at monitoring, observation and identification of phytoplankton that cause the Red tide. Lab analysis shown the continuity of blooming of the dinoflagellate Cochlodinium ploykrikoides.

Does Red tide have the ability for poisoning all marine organisms?

No, only some spe

cies of marine organisms have probability to be poisoned by Red tide

Does cooking destroy the toxins in shellfish meat (muscles)?

No, cooking does not destroy red tide toxins because some toxins are not affected with high temperature.

Is it possible to eat live fishes that caught in near to affected areas by Red tide?

Yes, in general it is possible to have the meat (muscles) of fish, mollusk and crustaceans without head and the inner gills, talking into consideration not to eat dead, distressed or unhealthy organisms from the affected areas of red tide.

Is fishing allowed during the incidence of red tide?

In general it shall not be allowed to catch fishes and other marine organisms in the affected areas of red tide, while fishing is allowed in areas that not show the red tide.

Is it possible to practice swimming on the affected areas by red tide?

It is preferable not to swim in the affected areas with red tide especially for persons who are suffering from allergies. According to the instructions of the international organizations specialized in red tide which report not to practice swimming in the sea water when u can't see your feet in the water or when the sea water is at the level of the knee.


What are the symptoms associated with having toxic shellfish?

Consuming toxic shellfish will cause tingling of the lips, fingers, and toes, the injured person has to visit the nearest health center immediately