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Environmental Performance Card

Environmental Performance Card


Environmental performance card is a certificate granted by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to industrial establishments that are committed to environmental laws and regulations of United Arab Emirates, the ministry has embarked on the implementation of environmental performance card as one of the initiatives of its strategic Plan since 2009.

This initiative aims to :

  • measure the commitment of industrial establishments in UAE to the environmental laws, regulations and the requirements of Federal Law No. (24) for the year 1999 and its executive orders for the protection and development of environment.
  • The application of sound environmental management.

Procedures to obtain the card:

  1.     Fill out the Registration Form on the Ministry Website.
  2.     Fill out the Environmental Statement Form on the Ministry Website.
  3.     Submit any other documents the Ministry considers necessary to assess the facility.
  4.     Ministry will conduct field visit and audit the qualified companies.
  5.     Final evaluation.

Requirements for granting the card:

  1. The industrial establishment should obtain an environmental permit from the competent authority.
  2. Data completion of Environmental testimony form of the industrial establishment in accordance with Federal Law No. 24 of 1999 concerning the protection ,development and Executive orders of the environment that organize it.
  3. Commitment to conduct regular analysis of the waste discharge and monitor the standards of discharge and pollutants resulting from the project and keeping their records in accordance with the EIA system as part of the Regulations of the Federal Law No. 24 of 1999
  4. Commitment to follow the established system of health, safety and environment (HSE).
  5. Commitment to cleaner production technology. 
  6. It is preferable that the company obtain one of the accredited certificates in Environmental management or quality

Important note:

This certificate does not absolve the facility from any obligations or responsibilities towards any other governmental authority, whether federal or local, and it does not relieve from any liability in the event of violations of which could harm the environment.