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Minister's Message

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“On land and in the sea, our forefathers lived and survived in this environment. They were able to do so because they recognised the need to conserve it, to take from it only what they needed to live, and to preserve it for succeeding generations.”

With these words, His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founding father of the United Arab Emirates, set a path for the UAE’s future development. Throughout the remarkable history of our country, which has risen to a fully-fledged 21st century economy in a single lifetime, we have not forgotten his cautionary message.

Today, addressing climate change and protecting the environment stands as one of our country’s greatest priorities. Now, more than ever, our leadership is committed to ensuring the UAE’s continued sustainable economic growth and the preservation of our unique ecosystems.

As the Minister of Climate Change and Environment, my pledge is to heed the words of our founding father Sheikh Zayed, and to ensure the UAE continues its leading role in addressing climate change and protecting our environment, both at home and abroad.

Through this website, you will find a selection of our policies and programmes and be able to view and access our services. This website also represents a channel for us to communicate our mission and strategies to you – and, most importantly – it acts a channel for you to communicate your voice to us. We wholeheartedly welcome your comments and feedback.