Minister's Message

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Our wise leadership in the UAE has always given particular importance to the environment, since it’s a major part of our national heritage. This importance has been reflected in the continuous attention that has been given to the efforts towards environmental conservation and development by our visionary leaders and their wise guidance and relentless follow-up, which have elevated the prestige of the UAE at the regional and global levels in this field.

Today, we are transforming the environmental and climatic challenges we face into opportunities to advance sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions and to continue our efforts over the past years to preserve and sustain our environment for future generations. We are keeping abreast of developments related to environment and climate change, creating and implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to preserve our natural and environmental resources and investing in various modern and intelligent communication technologies.

Hence, The MOCCAE’s website is particularly important as it provides a valuable source of information about the UAE environment and a state-of-the art platform to enable customers to access our services easily, around the clock and from anywhere. It is also an important tool for introducing our vision, mission, activities and future plans. The website also plays an important role in spreading awareness of priority environmental issues and ways to deal with them.

Just as this website is a tool to communicate our voice and message to you, we hope that it will be a tool to communicate your voice to us as well. We welcome any comments or opinions that could contribute to improving the content of the site or refining the quality of services provided by the Ministry.