Minister's Message

Our natural environment has always been an essential part of our identity and a core priority for the UAE’s wise leadership.

Under the guidance of our forward-thinking leaders and with their continued support, the country has made great strides in this domain, and secured a prominent position as a regional and global catalyst of environmental and climate action. Regionally, the UAE was the first to ratify the Paris Agreement and the first to launch a climate change plan that guides our mitigation and adaptation measures. Globally, the country is a leader in developing renewable energy solutions and advancing their deployment worldwide, as well as a premier convener and facilitator of climate and environmental conversation. Through hosting thought leadership platforms such as Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and the World Government Summit, it mobilizes concerted efforts to ensure a better, greener, and more sustainable future.

To build on these accomplishments, we at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment continue to forge synergies with local, regional, and global stakeholders, engage all segments of society in our activities – particularly boosting the role of youth as a driver of change, and leverage the latest sustainability technologies to enable our next generations to enjoy a thriving environment.

To meet our strategic priorities of enhancing food diversity and security, we provide material support and guidance to food-producing sectors, such as agriculture and fisheries, and to strengthen public health, we ensure food safety through enforcing compliance with the highest standards.

In line with the UAE’s happiness drive, our website provides round-the-clock access to our wide host of services. Moreover, it serves as a user-friendly platform where you can learn about our work and latest updates, and find inspiration and practical advice to adopt a sustainable way of life, because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. We would also like to hear from you. Our website is a two-way communication tool, and we welcome your comments and suggestions that can help us improve.